Garrett turbo

Garrett is one of the few turbo-charging manufacturers that subjects our turbos to several OE qualification tests. These turbocharging "qual tests" ensure Garrett produces a safe and reliable turbo for OE applications. When you buy a Garrett turbo you can be sure it is a reliable one!

Holset turbo

 Holset Brand Turbochargers are the factory equipped turbo for the Cummins powered Dodge Ram, and many other commercial vehicles using Cummins engines. A Holset turbo is optimized to boost performance for your Cummins Diesel.

BorgWarner Turbo

BorgWarner is a global product leader in powertrain solutions. They focus on developing leading technologies that improve fuel economy, emissions and performance.

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Ihi turbo

IHI Turbo America has maintained a dedication to quality since the first RHB5 turbochargers were manufactured for Ford Motor Co. with a Q1 award in 1986.

mitsubishi turbo

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been building up its technical experience for more than a century and is a leading company where it concerns knowledge of materials, chemistry, vibrations, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, thermal conduction, tribology and electro physics.